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What Is School Readiness?

School Readiness means the set of skills that children need as a foundation for learning by the time they reach kindergarten.

Some people mistake school readiness to mean that children are expected to already know how to read or write before they get to school. That is not at all the case. Examples of readiness skills include following directions, communicating needs, distinguishing letter sounds and using a pencil, to name a few. These are skills that young children begin building up to gradually from the moment they are born, as part of the natural stages of development.

Besides these specific skills, school readiness also refers to early brain development. During the first five years of life, the brain is very busy building the structure and strength it needs as a foundation for learning. Everything a child hears, sees and does in the early years plays a role in how the brain takes shape.

  • Beneficial early experiences build a strong foundation for learning.
  • Stress in the early years can result in a foundation that is not ideally suited for learning.

Thanks to the School Readiness Project, every 4 year-old in Chemung County has access to a pre-kindergarten program at no cost to the family.

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