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The Initiative
The School Readiness Project began operating in 2006 and benefits ALL children and families living in Chemung County. It is a ground-breaking new early childhood system designed to help more of Chemung County’s children start Kindergarten with a solid foundation for learning.

SRP unifies our community's rich offering of early childhood services into one cohesive system. The system works in harmony to help and encourange all adults to give young children (age 0-5) the kinds of experiences that lay the groundwork for learning. The SRP offers resources, ideas and activities to make it easy for people to foster the early learning of the young children in their care.

With consistent nurturing from all of the adults in their lives, more children will be primed to be successful learners throughout their school years and will become valuable citizens of our county as adults.

The Goal
The goal of the initiative is to cut in half the percentage of Chemung County's children who are unprepared to begin kindergarten.

The Framework

All of the activities associated with the Chemung County School Readiness Project fall into four categories: nurse home visits, excellent early care and education, parent learning, and healthcare. These programs provide the framework for a community that fully supports the healthy development of its youngest citizens.  


Parents can teach kids in fun ways during everyday moments - no fancy educational toys needed. Visit bornlearning.org to learn more.

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