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Nurse Home Visiting Strategy

Nurses visit homes of Chemung County families who have signed up to participate in the School Readiness Project. While there, the nurse answers parents' questions and checks that baby is healthy and growing.

Supporting Chidren's Development
Parents, especially new ones, often have questions about what their baby is doing and whether or not it is "normal." SRP nurse visitors are a trusted resource parents can count on to answer their questions and relieve their worries.

When assessing the development of an infant, SRP nurses might watch for things like holding a rattle or rolling over. As baby gets older, the nurse might check to make sure he or she can see, hear and speak as well as expected at that stage. These are examples of the signs nurses watch for to show that baby's development is on track.

If any delays or health problems are identified, the SRP nurses connect the family to services that can help their child move beyond the delay.

Supporting Parents
Parents, even experienced ones, tend to second-guess themselves a lot. SRP nurse home visitors support parents while helping them see their strengths so they can feel more confident in their parenting.

For example, nurses might brainstorm ideas with parents to address a common child-rearing challenge. They might provide parents with materials that nurture their child's early literacy skills. They might recommend community or health programs that could benefit the family.

That's a lot of support for parents! For SRP nurses, it's all in a day's work!


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Becoming a parent for the first time can be filled with many emotions. You might feel happy, anxious, confused, cornered - or all these things at once!

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