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About SRP - The SRP Approach

Early Education Strategy

The Chemung County School Readiness Project increases opportunities for Chemung County Children to receive excellent early care and education in two ways:

  1. It increases child care slots where gaps exist so that every family seeking child care can find a program that meets their needs. 
  2. It supports early learning professionals as they strive to obtain and maintain excellence in their programming.

More Programs and Better Access

SRP is adding the child care programs that Chemung County families need the most:

  • A before- and after-school educational program for Head Start and Pre-K students
  • Before- and after-school care through family-based providers near neighborhood schools
  • A drop-in care center for families needing temporary or intermittent child care

And that is just the beginning. The SRP is working to improve the availability of subsidy grants for parents who earn low incomes or are going to school to improve their future prospects.

SRP also is trying to secure something known as bridge funding, which assists families in paying child care fees when they are in between jobs. With bridge funding, families can keep their children with the providers they trust while also maintaining the childrens normal routines during unusual times.

Excellence In Programming

SRP is adopting a county-wide quality standard for early care and education programs. In fact, the standards we use are nationally recognized and widely respected. In addition to raising the bar of quality for programs, this common measurement tool lets parents draw direct comparisons of attributes among the programs they are considering for their children.

To help programs meet these high standards and to attract and retain highly qualified early education professionals, the School Readiness Project offers:

  • Professional development training and career counseling
  • Technical support
  • Access to proven curriculum and updated teaching materials 
  • Access to affordable employee benefits
  • Convenient opportunities to network with other early education professionals to share experiences

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